Wednesday, December 7, 2011

just finished this last night. FINALLY. so happy this painting is done with.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

went to a children's book icon talk at society of illustrators the other night and got a lovely book signed by a lovely illustrator: jerry pinkney.

the finish

here is the final. watercolor and pen and ink
my inspiration for this project:
a wonderful illustrator who's work brings me back to childhood
jan brett

holiday postcard assignment

this assignment is for one of my classes. objective: create a holiday themed post card. of course i chose christmas. what better idea than to do a piece for a class and then use it as a card to give to family and friends? it was a no brainer. this was my sketch.

cheesy maybe but i can't seem to do a piece without animals or trees in it.
this was the final inked: 

for once i actually start feeling confident in my piece but at the same time terrified to start the painting...

welcome to my studio

aka the corner of my room! it'll do for now...

to the point

i am starting this blog to show my process in creating art, hoping this will motivate me to do more and inspire me in getting better.